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Default Re: A Blimp? A [censored] Blimp!

Other than at sporting events, I can't imagine that a blimp would be particularly effective. The money would be far better spent on commercials.

[/ QUOTE ]

Local news coverage. The amount in press generated by this is more than any amount of commercials and billboards.

[/ QUOTE ]

I have more contempt for local news than anyone I know, but even I don't believe this is true. What do you think's going to happen?

"Katie, there's been yet another sighting of the mysterious levitating object in North Bumblescrew. Though the object has not yet harmed anyone, Sheriff Jenkins is recommending that citizens stay indoors and not provoke the creature--"

"Wait just a minute Tom, I'm getting a report that the creature is actually something called a "blimp." Apparently GOP Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul acquired this floating bag of lighter-than-air gas as a publicity stunt. It seems that Dr. Paul is a wonderful human being who will free Americans from taxes and illegal immigrants!"

"Haha, what will they think of next Katie? And coming up after the break, are your kids using Tupperware in Satantic sex rituals?"

[/ QUOTE ]

Nomination for Politics Post of the Year. Less tupperware sex and it would have been a lock.
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