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Default Re: who banned youtalkfunny for 24 hours in OOT?

the thread is in the wrong place for a number of reasons

-a forum exists for computer or technical help, he is asking for help with a program he doesn't know how to use (photoshop)

-this also falls under googletarding, i.e. asking a question that is of little or no interest to anyone else in the forum (fixing his avatar for him) that he is too lazy or inept to answer himself.

-the fact that other threads exist for this purpose in this forum and others is a relatively minor point since they weren't really active recently and i don't know for sure that he reads those other forums (although i am pretty sure he does). i wouldn't ban someone just for that.

-again, this is not the first time i have locked or deleted a thread by this user. i suspect his notes have been cleared because i remember it with certainty.

the other fact of the matter is that, if either he or you had simply said, "sorry i/he broke the rules, long-time poster, can you let it slide?" ... i would have done exactly that, as i have many times in the past. i can think of only a few instances where i didn't immediately reduce or reverse a ban after being asked in a civilized way by a fellow mod to do so.

but when i get indignant PMs over a one-day ban from ANYONE who is being rude, or ignoring the forum rules, or trying to tell me how to do my job when they haven't even bothered to understand what happened, it is pretty much guaranteed that i will tell you to eat a bowl of dicks, no matter who you are or how long you've been posting on this site.