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Default Re: who banned youtalkfunny for 24 hours in OOT?

ytf is kind of overreacting to this imo. nobody is trying to insult his status as a longtime uber-poster (or whatever he claimed himself to be.)

sure, the post probably could have just been deleted and a PM sent confirming this.

but for him to get on his high-horse and talk about how he's been around for so long and that this happening to him is inexcusable, etc. is pretty gay. who cares when he registered or how long he's been around. it's just a matter of reading the sticky and/or exercising common sense.

and for whoever is defending him because he's been around since before there were mods or before there was an OOT or when it was called "OT" or before you even had to register, congratulations, you liked 2p2 before it was cool and polluted with this nonsense. oh, how you probably wish for a return to the halcyon days when AndyFox posted the stories of how Clarkmeister went to the antiques road show with Dynasty because Dynasty bothered the hell out of him until he agreed because he had no ride otherwise and then he got upset when Clark wanted to hit up a titty bar afterwards.*


this entire incident could have been avoided if ytf had just THOUGHT for a few seconds before he posted. "will this thread eat nuts? The answer is clearly "yes."

and fwiw in case my opinion needs validation, I am sitting next to an old computer machine that runs Win98 and ran Win95 prior to that. i used to play Quake 1 on it back in the day. also, I have a copy of SSHE nearby.


BAN HEEM, BAN THAT MYAN HEES FORUMS??? no, probably just delete the thread next time.

* dramatization. may not have happened.