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Default some clothing questions.

Every now and then I'll see some guy and think "Wow, that dude looks awesome". Most of the time he is in his late thirties or forties. The style of dress that I think looks good is black suits. Everything else pretty much sucks. When I see young guys wearing suits, even if they are good looking to begin with, I think they look silly. You can't be James Bond unless you are close to 40, so instead most of them look like they are dressed for the MTV Music awards. When you wear a suit, the image you are presenting contradicts youth. However, I did think Jonathon Rhys Meyers looked pretty cool in Match Point. I would like to start dressing nice because I think life is pointless so they least thing we can do is look our very best (I am reminded of Crimes and Misdemeanors w/ Woody Allen when they get out of the movie theater and he says "Wasn't that great with the tuxedos and everything [looks around] This is...") Sadly, I live in a jungle turned metropolis and I am lucky to see more than three days a year under 90 degrees. Also, since I don't have a job and Ive never eaten in a nice restaurant I really don't have anywhere to go. Right now, I do not own any socks, non sandal footwear, pants, or long sleeve shirts. My plan is to start off with one outfit and hang out in the bar of a 5 star hotel and see where it takes me. Two brief questions, is it better to buy a suit in a shopping mall and then take it to a tailor or to just go to a tailor to begin with and show them a photo of what you want? Do you people wear tuxedos to places other than weddings?
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