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Default Re: December Low-Content Thread

so last day of november i lose 14k or whatever in another failed attempt at high stakes online poker. i swear to god i am like a lifetime -7bb/100 loser at 100/200. this capped off yet ANOTHER month where i win like 150+bb and end up actually down $$$ for the month. i wish i had all my data and i could graph it but if there was two graphs, one being bb's, it'd be a steady climb up, but change it to $$$ it'd have crazy spikes going up and down and usually ending right back at the x-axis or below it. it's hilarious to see they're both my graphs.

anyways, pissed off from last night's bitter session, i went to the casino for the first time in forever. brought 2k with me, i was down to my last $50, made a pretty amazing comeback and was actually up a couple hundred bucks. i contemplated leaving then but i was like, wtf i didn't drive all this way to not win big, so i kept playing and 20 minutes later i was busto and driving home. oh, this is blackjack btw, looool, who goes all the way to an indian casino to play poker?
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