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Default Re: The Revolution - Game Thread

November 5, 2012 - 11:35 PM

Jon Bailey smiled when he read the email he just received from Bill Franklin

"Phase 1 is complete, I've received word from every team that their missions were successful. You can send the message"

He responded simply "Good job, and good luck" before beginning another email, this one intended for a much larger audience.

November 5, 2012 - 11:47 PM

<font color="green">At the NSA headquarters Director Michaels was finalizing the new presidential security plans when he was interrupted by his secretary.

"Director - Agent Harris is on the phone - he says it's urgent"

"Put him through"


"Sir, Secretary Jamison has been shot and killed, and Secretary Johnson appears to have been strangled to death. We haven't heard anything else yet - wait - I just got word that Secretary Elston appears to have been shot as well."

"Send agents to check on everybody immediately"

"Yes sir"

Director Michaels shivered - there was no way anybody could have enough information to coordinate killing multiple cabinet secretaries at one time without having access to information that nobody should have access to. He called to his secretary.

"Katherine - I need you to send two messages for me. First, wake up Agents Cooper and Nash and tell them that we may have a computer security breach and that they need to close down ALL restricted high level access to our systems immediately. Anyone with level 4 or higher access needs to be cleared with me. Second, inform the President and Vice President that we are implementing Plan 27 immediately - wake them up if you have to. I'm going to the White House." </font>

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