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Default Re: The Revolution - Game Thread

October 19, 2012

Jon Bailey received a bit of a surpise when he checked his email - a message saying simply "turn on the news"

<font color="blue">This is CNN Headline News</font>

<font color="blue">Good evening. Breaking news this hour comes to us from just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma where a plane that was carrying Secretary of State Jacob Billington appears to have been shot down. We go live to reporter Seth Watkins.</font>

<font color="green">Thanks Jim. Secretary Billington was on his way back to Washington after attending a charity fundraiser in Los Angeles when his plane exploded in midair. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a missile-like object hit the plane moments before the explosion. FAA crews are investigating but from the look of things there is not very much left of this small private jet and there were clearly no survivors. Secretary Billington was......</font>


Bailey rubbed his eyes then quickly dialed Bill Franklin


"Bill, it's Jon, did you see what happened to Billington today? That wasn't you was it?"

"No it wasn't, none of my men have that kind of weaponry and I wouldn't change the plans without talking to you anyways."

"I didn't think so, is this going to jeopardize what you've got in place?"

"It shouldn't, they may tighten things up a bit but I'm confident we can still pull it off. What I'd really like to know is who did that and why. If someone else gets involved this could get messy. The public isn't going to buy it if we aren't careful."

"Let me worry about the big picture stuff - you just make sure your plans are set and foolproof"

"I got it"

<font color="red">At the White House, President Mitchell was meeting with NSA director Benjamin Michaels about security plans.

Michaels: "I assure you we're doing everything we can to ensure your safety and that of Vice President Wilson. No single person knows the whole plan, not even me, and the people who are involved are my most trusted agents. You are absolutely safe."

Mitchell: "I don't feel safe - did you see what happened to Billington today! This wasn't an accident Ben, he was headed to Iran tomorrow and had a good chance of finalizing a treaty to end the war - did you know that! Apparently somebody did. I want to know who they are and how they found out NOW!"

Michaels: "Were already working on it sir, I will inform you personally as soon as we have any answers"</font>

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