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Default How often do you make this mistake?

Today on a 2-5 NL game at the borgata , I looked down at 98 in the BB. Four limpers I limp and the flop comes 10 7 6 rainbow.
How perfect!
I check early player bets $20 I call.
Turn is a rag.
The early player bets $40 after I check and I raise to $140.
He calls.
Rag on river.
I push(around $300) he thinks for a while,and I send out brain waves for him to call and he does.
I turn over the nuts only to find my 98 is 97.
He had a set of sixes and I had a magnificant pair of sevens.
Since this is not the first time this has happened,I made a promise to myself to ALWAYS LOOK AT MY CARDS WITH MY READING GLASSES.
Anyone else had misreads this bad?
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