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Default Re: No Sweating Rule

See, as someone who has dragged his girlfriend to several poker rooms (and she is a trooper) sometimes I enjoy her sitting behind me, and I'll show her my cards... But I won't hold them up high or anything, just flash them in a manner that they are protected from everyone else but her and I.

It keeps her interested, keeps me in the game, and has no bearing on the action.

Bear in mind I'm doing this is low-limit games. I would not take her to the table when I'm playing "real" poker (2/5NL or higher) because I do understand that on some level, it is bad form to do so. Not only that, but I need to focus more on the table, not on [censored].

[/ QUOTE ]

I can't believe your GF would agree to sit and watch you play poker. That would be boring as hell.

[/ QUOTE ]

As I said, she's a trooper, and I'm a lucky guy. It's a lot better now that they've opened WV rooms, as we aren't having to drive 4-6 hours to Niagara Falls or AC.

She enjoys it because I'm a social player. I talk a lot, make friends, etc. I play a tight game, but for some reason get paid off a lot, and I think it's the chatter.

Believe it or not... Social with girlfriend at table = +EV
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