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Default Re: Official NBA Season Thread

Nash is very underrated defensively in that people think he's the equivelent of a 5-year-old boy.

Kobe is an excellent 1-on-1 defender. I'm pretty sure the skills are what we are talking about here. No one has the energy to play shut-down defense AND be the primary scoring option for the full 48 mins. I'm not saying thats the only reason he's lazy, but you get the idea.

I think one problem with Kobe/Arenas is they are such good shooters that they rely on it much more than they should. LBJ and Wade seem to settle much less because they arent very good shooters. Jordan was pretty similar, he was a pretty bad 3-point/pure shooter for a while.

Right now I'd take Kobe for any one game/series and LBJ for an entire season. I'm not going to knock LBJ at all because he was incredible during last years playoffs, but I can't see a Kobe led team ever getting swept.
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