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Default Re: 2007 SEC Football Thread

- He loves Auburn and the people, fans, area, etc. He just built a huge house there.

[/ QUOTE ]

This is a useless argument. And I'm not bringing this up specifically in the Tubby situation; it comes up all the time. Every coach "just built a huge house" wherever they currently are. It's not like he's anchored down with some huge mortgage; Jerry Jones (or whoever) can easily buy the house out with the rest of Tubby's contract and build him a "huge house" out in Springdale or Bentonville.

That would involve 30 seconds of research to obtain probably the most vital piece of information on the story you just broke. But what do I know, you're the journalist...

[/ QUOTE ]

Agree with most of this except it being the "most vital". $6MM isn't pocket change, but it's not going to stop a program the size of TAMU or Arkansas from getting someone if they really want him.

I agree with most of your points though. I figure there's about a 30-35% chance of Tubby leaving this year. A lot higher next year.
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