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Default Re: 2 donk bets from the same player

I like the fold in the first one. Seems like he is trying to induce a rr and u got away nicely. Also with the player behid who also flatted flop bet and the now draw heavy board I think it's a solid fold. Did you have the Ac btw?

In the second one would you consider flat calling the 500 and flat callling any river bet he makes on pretty much any card other than another J? Hoping to get value from AJ or worse? To me it looks like u may be a little steamed(particularly if you showed the AA) and are now possibly badly playing TT or 99 (betting more on flop than in the previous hand - I think this may indicte that you bet big hands smaller on flop hoping for more action and weak hands / draws bigger hoping to take it down there and then. NB: for those reasons I like the line you have taken with the QQ thus far) which could encourage the BB to float you on both f, t, and rvr. Or if not floating he may overvalue JTs+? Would you consider it reasonable to play sheriff and flat both turn and river bets?
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