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Default Re: chopsticks, fried rice, white people

El D,

Just got back from work.

This thread is about how white people are treated at Asian places in America, so it's obvious why "many people" in that context was interpreted as "white people" or more generally "Americans." Unless you were talking about Asians, then "many people" in there refers to white people, who else?

[/ QUOTE ]

At this point I wasn't even thinking about the thread topic anymore, the thread had been hi-jacked so badly that "white people" being in the title never even crossed my mind.

The rest of your post basically goes on to talk about my one comment about "patrons of American Thai restaurants eat fried rice more than other Thai food" which once I realized what I had said was wrong and didn't make sense I retracted--you know that I retracted yet you keep bringing it up. I am not understanding why. Just forget about the "how much consumed" part of the menu--most of this thread and this goofy last page in my mind has been about me trying to get across that fried rice is on the menu to target a certain demographic--this demographic is an age not a gender. Is that wrong? I don't believe it is.

Also, on the road today I talked to a close friend who for the last 3 years--every offseason (professional baseball player) he lives in Thailand and teaches English as a second language. I asked him about this:

BTW, this from BeerMoney, who I think lives in Thailand: "Fried rice is very much a stand alone meal in Thailand."

And from KKF: "So, fried rice (which I will define as white rice fried in a pan with oil and seasoning and a small amount of meat) is considered a stand alone meal."

[/ QUOTE ]

He said fried rice is hardly ever if ever eaten as a stand alone dish unless you are the poorest of the poor and for some background he said his province's avg annual income in American money was 1K so not a wealthy community--and even in his province it was rare. He said in Thailand eating is a BIG deal, tons of plates on the table and everyone eats off of each dish. He said fried rice is a side dish that goes w/ the meat. He said his 3 years in 3 different areas have all had the same experience as far as food, he also said what KKF was saying earlier in this thread that the food is much much different.
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