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Default Re: chopsticks, fried rice, white people


"I still see fried rice on Thai menu's a lot though, you can link me to menu's that don't have it and that is fine but I can link you all day to menus that do--doesn't prove anything."

Since I linked to 3 of 4 menus that had fried rice on the menu, I'm obviously not arguing against your point. We both agree that fried rice is on lots of thai menus, but is not ordered more than other entrees.

OK, enough on that point, we agree.

OK, so the next point is why when you said "rice dishes are only there b/c many people don't eat traditional Thai." I assumed you were talking about whitey eating fried rice.

This thread is about how white people are treated at Asian places in America, so it's obvious why "many people" in that context was interpreted as "white people" or more generally "Americans." Unless you were talking about Asians, then "many people" in there refers to white people, who else?

You said that "Actual Thai dishes are less popular than what is actually ordered, the red and green curry dishes and the dishes heavy in coconut milk aren't ordered nearly as often as rice dishes"

I know you've retracted ("I know I was wrong about my comment about fried rice being consumed more than the rest of the menu.") that statement now, but when you made it you weren't talking about just young people, otherwise the initial statement wouldn't have made sense.

So, anyway, that's the answer as to why I and others got that impression from your posts. You seemed to be making two separate points:

1) Kids at American Thai restaurants eat fried rice more than other Thai food
2) Patrons of American Thai restaurants eat fried rice more than other Thai food

That's why I got the impression I did. How could it make sense to say that "fried rice being consumed more than the rest of the menu" in American restaurants if you're talking just about kids? No, of course you must have been talking about whitey in general!
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