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Default Re: chopsticks, fried rice, white people

El D,

First, I know the difference between between Chinese and Thai food.

Anyway, I had already agreed with you at this point:

El D didn't disagree, the only thing that was disagreed w/ was when I said that this part of the menu was ordered more often than the Thai dishes (Curry, Basil etc.) which if El D is willing to "wager big money" then I would be willing to believe that I am wrong on that comment.

[/ QUOTE ]

So I don't know why you are bringing this up again, I said I was wrong?

Banana Leaf- popular but not as good as the next two.

Samui Thai-yum.

Chow Thai Pacific Rim-the best of the three links, the only link I could find.

A couple of the other best places in Dallas I couldn't find menu's for such as Thai Thai (good food but even more popular hang out), River Spice (Dallas Observer Best Thai 03'--has fried rice, ate there about 5 days ago and remember this) and Royal Thai (only been there once but good). I just listed probably the top 6 Thai places in Dallas and I know that they all have a portion of the menu dedicated to fried rice dishes.

I eat Thai a lot, I have lived in New Haven for the last few years (for about 5 months at a time) and downtown is filled w/ Thai restaurants (some great ones too--Bangkok Gardens ftw!) and I have only ever seen maybe a couple of menu's that didn't have traditional as well as some options of fried rice on the menu--some to the extent of's menu and some not so much but at least available.

Also, I got the impression you were saying "Fried Rice is on the menu at Thai places because whitey wants that instead of other Thai entrees."

[/ QUOTE ]

Why is there quotes here? I am sorry you got the wrong impression just as Chris did (Noah didn't apparently) but you can't just assume "whitey" b/c I said "many people"--I would have to guess that is where you are getting this "impression" and if this is the case "many people" should be assumed as the opposite of a sole gender until confirmed otherwise. I still see fried rice on Thai menu's a lot though, you can link me to menu's that don't have it and that is fine but I can link you all day to menus that do--doesn't prove anything.

I know I was wrong about my comment about fried rice being consumed more than the rest of the menu...I realized it once you made your post and I also realized it b/c when I said "demographic" I am talking about age more than anything. Do you disagree that fried rice is primarily ordered by younger customers?
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