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Default Re: chopsticks, fried rice, white people


FWIW, a number of Thai places don't even have fried rice on the menu, and as I said earlier, it's not a very common Thai restaurant order (this applies to SF, Houston, NYC).

Maybe you were confusing Thai with Chinese?

Also, I got the impression you were saying "Fried Rice is on the menu at Thai places because whitey wants that instead of other Thai entrees."

Note that you said fried rice "is what kids get b/c they think Asian food is gross and it is the only thing they will eat."

Overall, I gotta go w/ MC Chris on this one.

BTW, this from BeerMoney, who I think lives in Thailand: "Fried rice is very much a stand alone meal in Thailand."

And from KKF: "So, fried rice (which I will define as white rice fried in a pan with oil and seasoning and a small amount of meat) is considered a stand alone meal."

So, to your two points:

1: Fried rice is not legit Thai dish: Apparently false
2: Fried rice is a very common order at Thai restaurants in US: From my experience in SF, Houston, NYC, false.
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