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Default FLASHOPOLIS Signup on USG [Starts December 3]

FLASHOPOLIS Signup Thread (on USG)

This is my first WW long game to host and will also be the first non-vanilla WW/Mafia game to be hosted on USG's new Werewolf software.

The game will be a dual faction game with each team being able to convert villagers to their side. There are roles built in so that the village isn't overrun by the baddies too quickly.

It will be a high variance game, but skill should prevail. I'm open to any rule changes that any of you guys have in mind. I would be grateful for any comments, concerns, or questions regarding balance.

I want lots of players for this game so gogogogogogo!! Signups will be uncapped. Anyone who wants to play will get to play.

Thanks! If you've got any questions, ask them here or in the USG signup thread.
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