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Default A letter to ps for higher buy-in 5CD and TD2-7 tournaments

Hello everybody,

I'm an occasionnal lurker here as I'm already very active in a foreign forum.
We're a lot of 5CD players and we're trying to send a mass letter to ps support for creation of higher buy-in tournaments in other pokers.
I'm cross-posting the letter I just sent to ps support, as I think some of you would play those tournaments if they existed, and therefore would send a letter to ps support in this direction.
I apologize for my English which is only my third language, and I hope I'm not breaking any rules/posting in the wrong forum.

Thanks in advance.



Events number 2 and 4 of the latest wcoop proved that there was a pool of players who would gladly play higher stakes tournaments of PL 5-Card Draw and 2to7 Triple draw.
I really appreciate ps as you have the largest choice of games and tournaments available, but I noticed no tournaments of buy-in > 22$ run for these pokers
I think it would be great if you made a weekly tournament (well a daily would be even better) of some higher stakes for these pokers - with a bit deeper structure. I'm pretty sure that even a satellite would draw a lot of people.
Thanks a lot for your attention,


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