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Default Re: **Official** uNL BBV Thread - December***

Worst seesion of my life. As well as losing every race, never behind, I think the worse was my pocket 10s lost to AJ and I'm still favorite, I felt like my cards were showing. Every c-bet raised, every value bet folds. In 600 hands I never once flopped a set. The board came runner runner THREE TIMES to put a flush on the board and a straight on the board when I flopped top 2 against calling stations. How is it these players with 60-5 stats can take so much money off me when I play 20/15 or so? Oh and I missed every draw. Absolutely card dead. One person did push preflop wtih 108 into my kings so that was nice..

down 3.5 buy ins. After having a come-back sesh yesterday over 2 buy ins...
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