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Default Re: sng leaderboard for 2008 on ftp

75k would probably be enough to get Joey and Gravy to move to FTP. Their rake alone would more than pay for the entire leaderboard. Of course it'd be hugely profitable for ftp.

[/ QUOTE ]

In January, June, July, August, September I didn't pay more than $2000 in rake, as opposed to Febuary when I paid $40k. If I averaged $20k in rake (which isn't even much) for those 5 months I took off of FTP, they could pay out $100k for the yearly leaderboard and break even just from me.

[/ QUOTE ]

Doesn't it seem to you like it would be better for them to make a promo that makes you money while attracting players that don't play as often though??

A yearly leader board helps a very select few while its not an overly bad idea it would make you and ftp money but they could do the same thing other ways.
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