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Default Re: why does this forum care so much about religion

Oh, how cute. You really think mathematics is only "subjectively meaningful"? You really aren't going to back down from that? I'm sorry, but if you actually hold this position, I'm not sure I can debate past that. It is really about as "obviously wrong", from my perspective, as you can get. Math is the FOUNDATION for the hard sciences. How on Earth is your eyeball superior to math in finding "real truth"?

So, what it is about your eyeball that magically grants you priveleged metaphysical status?

[/ QUOTE ]
This thread is turning into a huge leveling of sorts. Posts like this are what makes me care about religion so much. i.e. it takes religion to make someone as confident as you are about things you clearly have no knowledge of whatsoever.

[/ QUOTE ]

What, exactly, am I claiming knowledge of?

Please be explicit in what you believe I am claiming knowledge of, and any evidence that I have posted that leads you to this conclusion.
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