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Default Brag: Saved $100k -- Woohoo

I finally have $100k saved (2/3 stocks, 1/3 money market). It has taken me almost 7 years to get to this point.

Seven years ago, I had a nice cocaine habit (helluva drug). Blew (literally -- haha) through $50k of savings and ended up with $30k in credit card debt. Typical drug addict story. Started doing it once in awhile at parties, then only weekends, then every day.

Finally got my act together, quit the devil's drug cold turkey, got a job and sloooooooowly erased the credit card debt and saved money. Played poker not high and started winning and actually keeping the money instead of donking it off.

Brag: $100k saved.
Beat: Should be $250k saved if I wasn't such an idiot.
Variance: Stock market could go down, health damage from coke use (good check-ups though), and you never know, I could go on a bender again.
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