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Default Re: Making an offer on a SFR

It depends on your market, but most homes should be selling at >90% of their list price (uncertain about current plummeting markets, maybe someone with MLS access in a big metro area can chime in). Most realtors aren't gonna submit offers that are a gross waste of time. Spex doesn't pop open the MLS and offer each person 67.84% of the fair market value on each home.

50% for a home listed on the MLS is absurdly low. I think you're looking for for distressed sellers when making lowball offers. Or properties that may have some inherent issues. (I found one recently in my locale like this. Exciting. Should rent out for around 2350 a month, cost like ~230k(?) as a bundle, but it has deed issues, though a lawyer is purchasing it so he can get the work done himself much more cheaply. Regardless it was interesting to see an actual example of this type of stuff)
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