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Default Re: Shannon Shorr thinking of quitting ...

I decided to let this thread run its course for a while before commenting. It's been an entertaining one. I'm not here to try to change anyone's opinion of me. FutureDoc hit the nail on the head though when he noticed that all the people saying I suck are the microstakes nobodies with whom I've never played or met, and the guys vouching for me are 25/50 ballas like thegrumpyone or very successful tournament players with whom I've played thousands of hands. So many of you kids are just such haters. It goes without saying. I read these fu,cking forums and every other thread is one where you're trying to report someone's busto or your talking sh,it about someone. I haven't played much poker in 2007 nor have I had THAT bad of a year. It has been a losing one, but 90% of my 2007 losses are from live MTTs (all 40 of do you like that sample size?). You would think I've had one of the worst years in history, however, because I'm honest about my results on my blog and there's a post about it every week here or on P5s. So many guys have had worse 2007s that have just gone under the radar. Every blog post is dissected word for word by the haters. I keep blogging though because for every post with hatred I see, I receive probably five emails from people saying how much they appreciate my honesty. In closing, some misconceptions to clear up after reading the thread because it seems people don't know much about me:

1) I haven't grossed the full $1.8M in on-paper live tournament winnings because of a deal I made. I'm a huge lifetime winner in this department though, obviously.

2) I have never played anyone's money but mine.

3) I am a fairly large lifetime winner in NLHE cash games. I killed 25/50 at Party and did quite well at Stars. I had a nice Stars bankroll, but I played super high stakes Chinese poker with Matusow, Roland de Wolfe, David Grey, etc in Australia and got crushed. I had to pay off the debts using my online money. I didn't learn my lesson and continued to play and had one more awful session playing HU criss-cross with a friend who was knowledgable abt Chinese and lost more of my online roll. This is probably the biggest mistake of my career because if not for this incident I would probably still be playing (and beating) 25/50 at Stars. I had no idea how to play the game when I played super high in Australia. lol at this fu,ck DCJ311 or whatever. I know Rob Mizrachi is the source you're talking about. I missed one straight flush when I was fu,cked up out of my mind at Commerce after coming back from a Clippers game. I realized right when I opened my hand that I'd overlooked a wheel straight flush and Rob pointed it out. It didn't happen again. It's funny because DCJ posted the same thing months ago in some other thread. I'm sure he's just some live nit grinder who is pissed at the world and all the young kids who make more money than him. In my blog post when I talked about "dabbling" in NLHE cash games, I used that word because I've been away from cash for a while. It's not like I'm brand new to cash games and just fu,cking jumped into the biggest game I could find with my tournament bankroll.

4) I am a big lifetime loser in high limit o8 cash games despite going on a $200,000 lucksack upswing upon first learning the game.

5) I am a small lifetime loser in the approximately 10 live cash game sessions I've played.

6) I have no intention of playing online MTT for a living. It is just too difficult and I don't have anywhere near the volume to tell if I could be one of the best. In fact, I am a loser on Stars over like 200 tournies but a big winner at FTP and UB. I am only playing online MTT at the moment bc I'm waiting on Five Diamond to get here in Vegas. My blog post may have come across as being pissed off about how I was running at online MTT. That's not the case at all. The stakes are micro compared to what I've played live.

7) I was a big (relative to stakes) winner at SnG way back in 2005. lol @ guy calling me breakeven SnG player.

8)If I continue to play poker full-time I'll probably just take up residence somewhere and grind NLHE cash games online. The idea of that is pretty disenchanting though, so its very possible I'll venture into another career.

9) You guys are silly if you don't think I read and study the game. My comment in my blog was just saying I should probably do it 5-7 hours a day if I really, really wanted to be at the top of my game. I'm not playing the game at this point to grind out the highest possible hourly rate. I'll be content with knocking off a tournament every now and then for six figures and getting a little better along the way.

10) I'm confused how anyone can attack me as a person. I've been completely honest all along the way and never, ever berated a player online or live. I don't even talk when I'm playing poker, so I don't see how I could upset anyone. It's funny because all the guys that do talk shi,t after dragging or losing a pot are kinda looked upon as heroes, and I'm a douchebag.

11) I'm not even close to busto and still have more money than I know what to do with, so the haters can quit stroking their co,cks fantasizing about the idea of me being broke [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] I simply think I could lead a more interesting, more enjoyable life in another field. Thus, I might do that.

I think that's all I've got. Hate on.


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