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Default Re: Reducing the Amount of Luck in Poker

Why the hell would you want to reduce the amount of luck?

[/ QUOTE ]

Good players would like to eliminate luck so they dont get outdrawn by players like fraac, who suck at poker... anyways...

Ive been thinking about this game idea for a while and the OP beat me to a post. Im still thinking about it, but Im not sure this game would work in certain multiway pots. Ill get back with you later on that...

Another thing is that it would affect home games. People would have to buy something that would calculate the odds. This would not only slow down the game, but also might stir up controversy with the typical moron. Even an intelligent person might believe the percentages are wrong or that he is being cheated...

Its a good idea. Are you sure you are not related to me, OP, as my brother and I were talking about this idea the night before you posted this. He came up with it after hearing all my horrendous outdraw beats at Full Tilt. I still swear this site is rigged but thats a whole new topic...
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