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Default Re: Official Washington exposes Hawai\'i the Fraud Thread


Well, according to this forum, the #8 team (USC) is light years ahead of the #12 team (Hawaii). As of last week's BCS standings, #2 WV and #3 OSU are pretty close. What about when Auburn went undefeated in the SEC and was #3, missed out on the championship game where USC smoked Oklahoma. I think a #3 team has a much more valid argument in making the championship game than some 3 loss team does for the 8th seed in a playoff, especially when #2 and #3 have equal records and similar SOS.

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I'm pretty sure my point isn't invalidated by cherry picking the biggest dichotomy ever between 8 and 12, and the smallest ever between 2 and 3.

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I was making an example using this years rankings, which remain true, whoever the #3 team is this year ESPECIALLY will have a big argument that they should be in. The fact remains that most often the #3 team who has the same record as a #2 team is going to have a more legit argument than some 2-3 loss #9-12 team. Remember the year FSU got picked to play in the NC as #2 with one #3 Miami who also had 1 loss (and was ranked #2 in both polls)? Oh yeah...the #4 team, UW appropriately, also had 1 loss, AND THEY BEAT MIAMI! Those are legit arguments to play for a title. Those are reasons why there needs to be a playoff.
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