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Default Re: Screen Writers Guild Strike?

I can't describe how jubilant I am that The Wire is finished. That would have been a tragedy. This whole ordeal is very disconcerting though. It's gonna make things infinitely harder for anyone just now trying to start out it seems. After the strike is over all the old, established writers will be starving for work and the producers will be starving for experienced writers, leaving the newcomers out in the cold. Someone tell me I'm wrong.

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Eh, like I said, it all comes down to writing an amazing script anyway. The rest is just short-term fluctuation. There's always some reason it's a bad time to go out with a script.

Hey Villain... you're in LA and you don't know if your scripts are pro-quality? Join a writer's group FFS. [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
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