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What a loser. So impulsive.

Friday, 30 November 2007
Gambling my rent money was not a good idea. By breakfast without going higher than $1/$2 I'd lost 400 I could just about afford to lose, through bad play and beats. Having phoned the landlord yesterday for his bank details, I tried to transfer him the 450, only for the online banking website to say because of a new security measure I first needed a pin service card, which they would send me in the post. I foolishly made another deposit, in the knowledge that I have an 88 withdrawal coming through. Then when I lost that, I deposited again, telling myself I would win, withdraw, and pay my rent a few days late on Tuesday, using the pin card as my excuse. Although what would have stopped me from depositing the money again on Tuesday, I don't know.

As it is, I am now in for 815. I have 40 left in the bank, which I need to live on. My rent, which I said I'd pay today, is 450. I have $215 on a $2/$4 table. It was $550 a few minutes ago but I just fell for someone's weak lead and made a large turn bluff when my hand had missed and his had got there, and had to fold. There are two Buddylisted players on my table, though, so if I can keep my composure I'd like to stay here. It's hard, because another part of me thinks I should just cash out what I've got left, and see if a combination of friends will lend me the difference.

I ordered a replacement credit card yesterday, for one I have with a 400 limit. The pin came today, forwarded by my mother. Hopefully the card should come early next week, so I might potentially be able to use that.

This is the biggest disaster since the last big disaster! And so utterly unnecessary.
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