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Default Re: Review, Advanced Limit Holdem Strategy (Tanenbaum)

First, Bear is talking about middle-stakes, not small stakes, so that has to be kept in mind. Second, the Illusion of Action that he talks about is for making more money when you have an image that is too tight. If they fold when you raise, then your tight image may be working against you. By making Illusion of Action plays, which aren't really that loose but may appear to be loose, you'll make more on your very good hands. Mostly it's opening your hand range and making thin raises and reraises in position against certain opponents, when the entire table is watching. He also tries to create an image with his table demeanor, even though he doesn't write about that in his book.

Much of the book is as much mind-set as pure strategy. As TT said well, his audience is made up of weak-tights who aren't aggressive enough. Barry is trying to get them out of their comfort zones. Most 2+2ers don't need it, obviously, but we aren't his target audience. Most of us already play an attacking, aggressive game like he wants his readers to play.

His goal is to make your opponents become predictable as you become unpredictable to them. In this, I think he does it well.

It's a very good book, and I think the world of the poker E.F. Hutton. He's one of my very favorite people. Even if I didn't know him, I'd be impressed with the book. It's a good read. I think also you'll give it a good review, too, Mason. I look forward to it.


ps--Barry is going to be on my show in the next week or so. I'll keep an eye on this thread for things to ask him.
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