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Default Re: 6 handed vs full ring

They both require different skills and you should dabble in both to be a complete player. 6 max requires you to be able to bet when your edge is very thin and also be good at hand reading since you need to know when you are beat. Also 6 ring, the goal is really to pick up alot of small pots. Whereas in full ring, you need patience. Patience to throw away mediocre hands when the pot is raised. Patience to fold when your opponent who is tight bets into you and all you have is top pair. Because the main goal here is to create and win a few BIG pots. So when you finally play a hand you are more often than not in there with a bigger hand than your opponent. You need to learn to value bet and get paid off when you have somebody outkicked. They are just different games and like I said, learn both and you will do better overall.
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