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Matt , you have some inconsistencies in your pre-flop range . You're willing to fold A-jo utg 6 handed and yet you would raise with pocket 2's .I recommend that you keep stats to determine if you think pocket 2's is more profitable than a-j .

So what i'm trying to say is that if you're willing to raise with pocket 2's utg , then you should be willing to raise with A-j utg 6-handed .

I personally think your requirements are a bit on the tight side .

[/ QUOTE ]

I have done a lot of thinking, working on this, studying my pokertracker results, playing about 100k hands of 6max up to 5/10NL, with a winrate over 4ptbb. Not bragging just saying I have put in some time. Anyway, I have found that as a default, especially when multitabling, I like to be really tight in early position. My over all PT stats are 23/18 over my last 10k hands so you can imaging how large my range is in late position. I dont believe its ever a mistake to be too tight in early position, I will open up more if I have reason to.

As far as the 22 vs. KQ debate, I can see your point, however, I don't like being OOP with possibly dominated hands like AT, KQ etc. I find that the added range of the lower pairs gives me a little deception early on and doesnt get me into trouble. As well the occasionally well disguised set is nice. Basically, I would rather face a flop raise to my cbet when holding 22 vs. AT on an A 9 4 board. I can fold comfortably and not have to make tough decisions when OOP.

I dont view myself as an incredibly talented poker player so I try to make the game as simple as possible in early position.

Earlier in my career my range was wider but I have slowly come around to this line of thought.
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