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Default AP, rigged, etc. #8981.4 - the plot thickens

[ QUOTE ] sources in Costa Rica are claiming the Absolute Poker Super-User account scam has been going on for three years and the actual amount that was skimmed from online poker players is estimated at close to $7 million, not the 700k amount that was previously reported. The actual amount is still unknown as an internal audit is underway.

A former employee of Absolute Poker confirmed to that the security department at AP suspected something years ago and we're told it was just the owners testing out the system and to forget about it.

Our sources have confirmed that Scott Tom was using the Super-User to sit at tables as an "observer" as online poker player PotRipper would join the tournaments and Scott would tell him what cards people have so they can win the tourney and split the money. PotRipper is Alan ďAJĒ Green, formerly of and the now former Operations Director for Absolute Poker. has learned AJís real name but has chosen to withhold it at this time. [Super Modnote Hint: Allan Grimard] AJ is pictured with's sexy reporter Jenny Woo at an expensive dinner in Amsterdam back in 2005.

Where did the $7 million go? On September 3rd, 2007 a small jet plane caught on fire before taking off on the runway at San Jose Juan Santamaria International Airport in Costa Rica. The two passengers on the private jet were Scott Tom and his pregnant wife. His wife was rushed to the hospital to make sure everything was alright with the baby. The plane's destination was Colombia and the rumored cargo on the plane was $2-3M in cash. Officials at Absolute Poker confirmed to that Tomm was on the jet, however, deny any money was onboard.

While at, AJ had a portrait done of himself that hung on his wall over his desk. The photo was a picture of him "American Beauty' style laying spread out on his futon covered in hundred dollar bills. Were the bills in the photo proceeds from the Absolute Poker Super-User scam? AJ joined the Absolute Poker team approximately one month before left Costa Rica for Curacao. While living in Costa Rica, AJ bought a house in Escazu outright with cash and no one questioned how a guy making $50k a year could do that. He invested $100k into Absolute Poker and became a shareholder of the online poker giant, still no on questioned where he came up with the cash. Could it have come from the Super-User scam? We would love to ask AJ that question, but apparently he is on the lam.

At this point, AJ Green has earned the title of the most disliked person in the history of internet gambling? Apparently he was so disliked by his own employees that they blew the whistle on him and the whole scam but the real people that are pissed at him are all of the people pushing for legitimizing the internet gambling industry at its most needed hour. Not to mention, the online poker players he stole from.

[/ QUOTE ]

edit: to be 100% clear, this could well all be made up, but hey, AP drama's always welcome here in BBV