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Default Re: AP superuser potripper HH xposted from zoo

Seems to me like EWS87 is a lot more right than the people that are calling him "weak-tight" and what not. It is not "weak-tight" at all to avoid stacking off in the TT situation, for example. You guys are stuck in a normal tournament mindset where it is too costly to pass up edges. This is a totally different situation. When you can see all hole cards on the table, there is very little urgency. You will be able to pick up chips with absolute impunity. I see little reason at all to stack off before the river in any hand, unless your opponent is drawing dead. You can just play perfect poker on the river with zero chance of getting knocked out.

Now, does it mean "POTRIPPER" wasn't cheating, of course not. It just means he wasn't thinking particularly hard about how to play.
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