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Default Re: Stud8 - (AA)K facing reraise from Q door

Aces and kings are similar, but aces are better, particularly since they are live and concealed here.

I have no idea what hands the low cards have, but I think you should charge them the max if they want to continue. I don't agree that you don't have a lot of equity. Also, you may even get someone to fold.

If you jam with a K and a draw, it is not a terrible play, as you do have decent equity and may pick up the pot if you make an open pair or the Q doesn't improve. Also, my point is that 3-betting 3rd does not completely define your hand as kings, aces, or rolled up, as you could make the play with a draw.

If I am sitting there with small pair good kicker or 3-flush with atleast one low card, I am not going to be happy calling a lot of bets on early streets. Also, I would be concerned with the Q that I was way behind. With a big pair, you want to pressure your opponents and make it hard for them to draw out on you.
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