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Default Re: Stud8 - (AA)K facing reraise from Q door

I don't see how this is good. The Q is probably raising because the K is dead. I would 3-bet 3rd multiway and as played checkraise 4th. You can't let all those low cards see 5th cheap.

[/ QUOTE ]I don't like re-raising 3d, because it definies your minimum hand pretty well and makes it incredibly easy to play against you on later streets.

4th, I don't know. Main problem is that I think you're not the equity favorite with the two low draws. Maybe you should raise, but it's a lot less clear than on 5th.

Looking at it, it does seem like it's good to raise 4th too. But it's not to punish the low draws; for every bet you put in you benefit the low hands. It's the second best high hand you want to get rid off/extract value from.

If this were against two low hands only, I very much doubt fourth would be a raise.

[/ QUOTE ]
I don't care if it defines my hand. I have aces and I am representing kings. I don't want people seeing 4th cheaply with low pairs or low draws. Also, I could make the same play here with a draw and the best door card.
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