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Default Re: Stud8 - (AA)K facing reraise from Q door

We've got one pair. Who's to say that someone doesn't have two pair or better?

[/ QUOTE ]Not to be a dick about it, but did you actually read my post?

I explained that getting rid of a pair of queens always is good, and same goes for the bad low draw. So even if we are screwed we gain by getting rid of some competition.

I also explained why it is very unlikely we're beat for high. The low boards are playing exactly like a good and bad low draw, respectively and the high board is just calling and had to have started with Q7Q, Q3Q, or trips to beat us. And those cards are really dead. And more importantly, someone who has a high hand good enough to *re-raise* with on 3d can be expected to put in another raise when he improves.

So yeah, we only have a pair, and a somewhat dead on at that, and the other guys have something. But I've put in a fairly credible explanation why we're good against that something despite just having a pair and why good things can happen by a raise.
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