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Default Live Sick Hand with quads 300 bb deep

So i was playing very LAG and destroying the table so far tripling my stack to 300bb.
Vilain is in the cash game since a lot of hours and hes been winning a lot being 500bb deep.
Vilain is not the kind of guy to make big bluffs.
He's very bad and passive.
Table is full of fish and i know everybody at the table.
7 handed.
We ( me & vilain ) havent tangled at all since im in ( 1 hour )
Hes not raising a lot preflop and never 3-betting without JJ+ AK maybe AQs but i really think he call with it.He's on the passive side but not extreme passive post-flop.
Blinds 25c/50c i got something around 150$ he covers.
Im on the CO with 66 , everybody fold to me and i raise it up to 2$ ( my standard raise this day )
SB fold and Vilain re-raise to 6$ from the BB.
I call.

Pot: 12,25$

Flop : 6-6-K ( rainbow )

He checked and i bet 9.50$ very fast trying to make it looks like a bluff
He check-raised me to 20$ total ( 11.50$ more ) , i play with this guy since one year and i think its the first time i see him do that. ( take note that its the first time i play cash game against this guy , normally playing sit-n-go for fun and less money and i know he got no experience in cash but anyway )

I decided to call the bet cause hes the kind of guy to fold AK thinking *omg this guy as a 6*, even if im c-betting none-stop since 1 hour.


Turn: K

He checked in a strange way , and i started to think well if hes got the king hes dead but if hes got AA i really need to extract some value on the turn.

I bet 22$ ( this guy knows nothing about pot-control and pot-odds )
He called ( this means AA or K or nothing else )

River: K
He nervously shove and its something like 110$.
I never seen him overbet bluff in one year , i know hes not capable of doing such a thing , and his face was red like a tomato when he shoved.

Any thoughts is welcome.

and before someone ask it , yes this is a real hand and it was a lot of pressure on me with my quads on river.