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Default Re: Noiq gets 1 week ban from ipoker

I see your point coach. But I really think you should know that there is a very small % that plays under rakeback. Most players just play for fun and does not do much research on the best offers and so. I also disagree in those "special deals" from what I know there havent been done such deals in latest time by any of the affiliate managers. I have read through the aqusations of ipoker and noiqpokers responces. It seems that the cases they used to document this were not noiqpokers fault at all. Also the fees noiqpoker pays for advertisement are the big % they pay the affiliates working for them. This is much more than the comercial fees for the bigger sites. The markets fundemental, the ones offering the best total package (good support, rakeback, promotions and more) should get the most players, not the ones doing the most comercial. I feel no pitty for pokerrooms taking 90%+(- the networks fees) of a players rake and giving very little back.
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