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Im not saying that he buys in short and dwindles away his stack. He will replenish his short stack as needed, keeping the 10 to 15 big bets in front of him (enough to play the next hand). I supose to keep his stack as low as possible and avoid unwanted attention. Another thing Ive noticed about this guy is how he can manipulate the betting. I don't know if it is his posture, voice tone, the words he speaks or all of the above. He seems to get the calls that he wants or the respect he wants at will. Have you ever met someone in your life that was simply put, "a born leader"? That's him.

Anyway my question is more about table and card room hopping. Does anyone do this profitably? I've always heard not to leave the table as long as it is still good. Good for who though? One thing I've noticed is that when someone who is playing solid gets on a good rush, other opponents often try to play better against that person, therefore they get less action. I've seen it many times. A guy will double up. The table will somewhat shut down on him. Then he will lose much of it back. By leaving when up and starting over The seafood buffet is always fresh.
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