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Default Re: NL10 combo draw in multiway limped pot, awkward spot

do you call with any suited connectors here?

[/ QUOTE ]
Personally I'd call with 97s in that situation, but my situation would be quite different. First of all, minraises are almost unheard-of at my tables, and anybody who does it usually has some huge, gaping holes in their game. Secondly, I'm quite comfortable playing postflop, whereas most $10NL players find themselves in unpleasant situations postflop where they don't know how to react. A hand like 22 is VERY easy to play postflop, even in a raised pot. A hand like 97s either misses completely and becomes an easy fold (most likely), hits VERY solidly and becomes easy to play (least likely), or hits kinda-sorta and becomes rather difficult to play, even in position. That means that most of the hands you're playing are going to be awkward on the flop, and that's not really a profitable situation for a developing player. If you're already quite comfortable playing postflop then go ahead and play hands like this; otherwise, let them go preflop and wait for hands where you're at a much clearer advantage. These guys are too loose preflop and too loose postflop, so there really isn't a reason to try to maximize every last edge, especially if the potential upside on the hand is relatively small and the potential downside is relatively large.

The best way to win at $10NL is to play VERY tightly, then get VERY aggressive when you hit solidly. Your opponents will be too unattentive to notice and will pay you off over and over again, and you'll make a fortune. Save the fancy stuff for when you hit SSNL or MSNL.
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