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Default Re: Trip Report: Foxwoods World Poker Finals

Omaha8sPoker - Thanks for the interesting trip report.

Level 8 (300-600 blinds, 600-1200 limit)...In LP with 2,700 left I look down when it's my turn to act and see Ah3h3d8d...There's a raise 3 seats in front of me from a decently tight player...I thought about trying to iso with this hand, but I just didn't pull the trigger because of the pair of 3s...The flop is KJ7, 2 hearts...Turn 9h...I think I'm being results oriented here, but I think I made a huge mistake not playing this hand...

[/ QUOTE ]It was a good fold.

Level 10......
In the hijack a few hands later I look down find Ac6c34...

[/ QUOTE ]Not a bad hand, but not much for high if you miss clubs or a low straight.
All folded around to me and I felt good with this hand, hoping to get it HU with the blinds so I raised (obviously)...

[/ QUOTE ]Reasonable to raise here - but only if you think there's a fair chance to steal. Otherwise you're coin flipping to double up or bust out. I think you want to keep those coin flips to a minimum.
The BB .... put me all-in for my last 100...

[/ QUOTE ]So now you're coin flipping.
...The flop was a very interesting Q25 giving me the lead in the hand with my monster wrap...The turn 5 killed my high action and the river 9 put me out in 37th place...

[/ QUOTE ]Tough luck.
The last hand hurt like hell because I was the favorite going in and on the flop as well, but just couldn't hit...Woulda been a lot easier to go out with a bunch of junk, but when you flop an uncounterfeitable low with a wrap and don't hit, it's such a tease...

[/ QUOTE ]I don't think that way.

I'm interested in knowing how much interest there is in fixed-limit Omaha-8 tournaments. How many players entered?

Anyhow, congratulations on lasting as long as you did.

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