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Default Re: Second hand of a $150+12 on FT. AQs against a CO min-raise and cal

PF, that's a value raise, not a squeeze. Are you really trying to fold out everybody and win 110 chips?

Your reasoning on the flop is interesting. If I'm ahead, then checking will gain me more chips. But if I'm behind, then checking will save me more chips. Can't have it both ways.

[/ QUOTE ]

Can you explain this please? This seems to be a way ahead/way behind situation. He has AK or a full-house type hand, or I have him drawing to at most 3 outs.

[/ QUOTE ] I suppose it's possible that the villain has AK or a 4 in his hand, but that would be a very unusual holding, given his pf play. Ax or a different pair is much more likely. You certainly shouldn't be afraid of this flop. Bet it out.
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