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Default Sick Spot in Turning Stone 1k Deepstack

With the blinds at 400/800/100, it folds to a kid in LP, who hasn't played a hand in forever, who raises to 2200 w/ 18k behind. I'm in the CO w/ a fairly tight image and about 60k in chips; I RR w/ JJ to 7200. On my left is a tight & solid, yet very good, player who knows I'm capable of re-raising light; he has me well covered and flats the 7200 in position (original raiser folds). He's usually pretty straight-forward and doesn't mess around too much. I have no idea what to make of his flat call.

Flop: As Qd Js (Pot: 18.7k)

I bet 12k and he calls.

Turn: 5s (pot: 42.7k)

I have about 1 pot-sized bet left. What do u do here?

Also, hypothetically, if he had shoved the flop, call/fold?
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