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Default Re: *Dexter* 11/18

I know someone who works as a PA on Dexter, and he said this season wraps up as follows:

Doakes anonymously mails the blood to the station, and they give it to Dexter to analyze. He finds Doakes' fingerprints on it and implicates him, leading to Doakes' arrest as the BHB. Meanwhile, Deb checks who signed out that car in April 2002 and finds out it was Dexter. She keeps quiet and is conflicted about what to do. Later that night, she gets too rough with old man Lundy during sexytime and accidentally strangles him to death. Dexter finds Deb trying to dispose of Lundy's body and they decide to go on the run together as sibling murderers. Season 3 follows them around the globe.

Spoilers above.

[/ QUOTE ] this isnt even funny? wtf?

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Dexter is a dramatic series, not a comedy.
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