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Default What kind of posts are legal in this forum. (short)

If you provide a well thought out post with legit sources and links I'm not going to delete it unless Mat Sklansky tells me to. My reasons are as follows:

1) Everyone has the right to free speech, even the most vile creatures on the planet.
2) If you meet someone that is very controversial in real life, 2+2 will be the perfect medium to find rebuttals to his/her arguments. Feel free to attack his or her stance as much as you wish.

Science is based on facts and what you can prove with the evidence available. Science is not based solely upon opinions. Obviously philosophy is a gray area but the general idea should be obvious.

Posts that are not well thought out, well sourced/linked, and are troll like should be reported to mods with either the "report to moderator button" which looks like this: Or you can report it to a mod by PM with a link to the post in threaded mode. Please do not forget a direct link to the exact post in threaded mode.

Anyone that refuses to provide sources is in violation of the spirit of scientific debate and will be dealt with appropriately. Refusing to give basic but specific information about a source (title of article, year of publication, etc) will also not be tolerated.

Addendum: 11/5/2006

Plagiarism is not allowed. If you copy a written work you must give a link/source.

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.