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okay, let me clarify: i raised it utg at fr for the last year and a half or so of online fr grinding (a good part of which was 1/2) and it was +ev for me. i agree it's marginal if you don't play well postflop; same as raising kqo or kjs or ato or ats utg. in that case just folding it is fine.

[/ QUOTE ]

Who said anything about folding?

While I agree that 1/2 is generally tighter than other micro limits, making playing mid-pairs for set value not necessarily the best play, I think you need to actually have the table-read that a UTG raise will likely take you to the flop HU (or at worst 3-handed) before you make that raise. Against unknowns, I'm more likely to limp.

But, we've been through this enough. 77-99 are hard to play in EP. As you point out, the level of your postflop play is what should actually dictate your line.

Edit: Babar, I've played a ton of fr 1/2, never at FT, but at Intertops, Stars, PP, yada yada, and I don't understand what you mean by not being able to "get away" with a UTG limp in that game.
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