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Default Re: ZeeJustin 2007 POY & tourney results prop bets thread

Ok its almost settle up time on this bets, I thought I would bump this thread with a month left so everyone can sweat the last few big poker series before years end and cheer on their gambles!

I bet on Alan Sass to beat Justin Bonomo in POY points for 5k with Yeti

and I also bet 500 getting 8 to 1 odds against Ahnuld on Bonomo to beat all 5 of last years top POY finishers.

here are the relavant standings:

J.C. Tran Sacramento, CA 4,458 5 $2,364,097

86 Alan Sass Las Vegas, NV 1,740 3 $461,181

144 Justin Bonomo Los Angeles, CA 1,384 4 $551,880

[/ QUOTE ]

I bet $5K laying 8:1. I have last year's top five versus ZJ. JC, Nam and the Grinder are all ahead of ZJ, whereas Shannon Shorr and Madsen are behind.

After ZJ posted that he was 4% to win the POY, I put another $25K up against his $1K.

Right now, I'm looking like a lock on both.

It's interesting, though: Shorr is down on poker and may quit entirely per his blog; I don't know where Madsen is mentally, but I get the sense he's a flameout. On the other end of the spectrum, JC and Nam have had really good years, and Mizrachi is close to ZJ.

ZJ also got really really close in a couple of spots. I am sure someone will correct me on the details, but I think ZJ got AIPF with KK against Ike's AA with ten or eleven to go in Aruba and both had a mountain of chips. If that breaks the other way, ZJ is the easy favorite to win. And I think he hit some other harsh cold deck in a similar spot.

I know I've mentioned this before, but ZJ wins props from me for his maturity and reasonableness in dealing with these.
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