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Default Re: Online bankroll management

how do you guys manage your bankroll online? ...Basically I adapted Chris Fergusons rules, altered them a bit, and went with it.

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His rules are bad. They are much more aggressive for tournaments than for cash games, and they lead people to buy in short-stacked, which is like filling your gas tank half-way to save gas. Playing in tournaments where he was clearly underbankrolled was a big mistake for Chris Ferguson in his remarkably slow and overhyped journey from $0 to $10k. Others have gone from $50 or lower to $10k in a few months.

See this post in the Beginners Questions forum for a much better approach to rational bankroll management.

The most important step to building a bankroll is learning to beat a game. You haven't given much evidence that you have done so. Money does not make money. Money + skill makes money.
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