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Default Re: Beat: lost my rent money

jimm I have said this before and i'll say it again

quit poker
quit 2p2
delete all your accounts
and walk away

You are a fish, you will always be a fish and you are a complete degen, but not in a 'funny' or 'cool' way. You are sad and pathetic and need help. Get help.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yah, but the thing is I still enjoy poker, and I remember the winning sessions, when I'm playing well and it seems like easy money, and that keeps me playing. It *is* very weird to contrast Tuesday night's controlled, joyful 62 to 392 session in the Internet cafe with today's 815 - 0 bloodbath. That I could play the same game so well and with such control one time, and so badly the next. Like it's not the same person playing.

[/ QUOTE ]

of course you enjoy it, you're a [censored] addicted degen.

A guy who plays decent poker sometimes and then plays badly/tilts the rest of the time...guess what. He is a fish.
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