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Default Re: schmuck boy right but for the wrong reasons

I don't mind the jackpot, because generally it's disproportionately funded by looser players. The type of hands that win jackpots are pretty premium, and thus really it's people winning with non-premium hands who are -EV on the deal.
I hate the lack of accountability on the money. None of us know how much the casinos might be stealing/charging.

But the real problem I have is with NL jackpots being pooled with limit, or even 1/2 NL. I've twice in the last year folded hands, for valid poker reasons, that would have won jackpots, folds that I wouldn't have made in limit, and most wouldn't have folded in low NL. For ex, I folded an AJ off to a well-meant raise about a month ago, the board ending up AAA26, my opponent having KK. That jackpot gets hit in limit and low NL, so higher NL is, I think, greatly -EV on jackpots if pooled with other HE games like they always seem to be.

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I rarely agree wholeheartedly....this is one of those times.
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